Available Services Include


System Integration

Programming and design of the control system is provided with an open architecture approach.  Standard hardware and software products from major manufactures are utilized, providing long-term serviceability.  Programming services are available for both new projects and existing system expansions.


Troubleshooting and Repair

Whether downtime and malfunctions are caused by electrical or control software problems, production downtime must be minimized. Diagnostic tools and field experience are applied to troubleshoot problematic control systems as quickly as possible. Priority is always placed on any customer with a control system that is slowing or has halted production.



Custom training courses are available for installed systems or for general industrial control system education.  The courses will be designed to your specifications to provide the desired training for your engineering and maintenance staff.  Courses will be tailored to the experience level of the class attendees.


Technical Documentation

System documentation will be provided for all projects in the form of electrical prints and technical manuals.  Any technical operation manual may be provided in printed and digital format (Adobe PDF or Autocad).


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